Winners of 2011

On Tuesday 12 July the Dutch photographer Trea van Drunen was selected by the international jury as winner of the Pride Photo Award 2011. Van Drunen received the award for her photo of the the 12 year old transgender boy Leon. The photo ‘Leon’ also won first prize in the category Gender.

Her fascination for transformation brought photographer Trea van Drunen into contact with Leon, who was diagnosed as transgender (gender dysphoric). She will be following Leons physical and mental development for the next ten years to tell his story. Van Drunen graduated from the Photo Academy Amsterdam this year and was nominated for the Photo Academy  Awards 2011.

The Jury said of the winning photograph: “It is a strong, iconic image that challenges the viewer both with the strength of Leon’s expression and the astonishing story of his young life as a transgendered person. There is a sense of mystery to this picture, making people reflect on life and identity”.

List of winners:

Straight back at you:

1: A Series of Questions; L Weingarten

2: Same Time Same Place; Martijn Gijsbertsen

3: Pride Parade in Belgrade, Serbia, 2010; Jovana Cetkovic

Current Topics:

1: Iraqs gay refugees; Bradley Secker

2: Transmen of the world; Manuel R. Garcia

3: Italian First Rainbow Families; Gughi Fassino


1: A True Story; Hinda Schuman

2: Good old Gays; Paul Koeleman

3: I Heart Brooklyn Girls; Erica Beckman


1: Persecution of Homosexuality in Uganda; Benedicte Desrus / SIPA Press

2: Untitled Series One; Michal Lelenthal Brzezinski

3: LadyBoys, Born to be a Woman; Jean-Michel Clajot


1: Camilla and The Devils Horsemen; Anastasia Taylor Lind

2:  Inside2Outside; Raoul Vernede

3: Lowlanders; Willem Poelstra


1: Leon  WINNAAR VAN DE AWARD ; Trea van Drunen

2:  LGBT Mexicans of the XXIst Century; Rogelio Pereda

3: Queer Kids; Michael Sharkey

Special Mention: Underage; Ohm Phanpiroj

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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