2012 contest made a late but great start

Call for Entries Pride Photo Award 2012

Call for Entries Pride Photo Award 2012

Photographers still have one month left to submit their photos for the Pride Photo Award 2012 competition. The contest was launched a month later than originally planned, as it remained uncertain whether we would be able to fund the 2012 edition. The deadline for submissions was also extended to July 7th, to give photographers enough time to submit and possibly even shoot new photos for the contest.

“It took a long time before we had certainty about the funding”, project manager Joeri Kempen explains. “Money is very tight and we had to make some hard cuts in the side program which we needed to discuss with our backers. While we have not been able to find new sponsors yet, we are very grateful to the funds who backed us last year for their continuing support. We will keep looking for ways to finance the side program so we can start touring with the exhibition, organize a second media debate and continue the community photo project Look at me!. We have new ideas for Look at me! that we are very excited about and would love to carry out.”

Pride Photo Award is applying to funds and is considering crowd funding as well. We hope that the Fans and Members from last year will continue to support us and that we can welcome many new friends to the Fans and Members program.

While the side program is still uncertain, the contest is going very well. “Since the start of the competition three weeks ago, 300 pictures were submitted,” says an enthusiastic Kempen. “In the same period last year only 27 photographs were submitted by nine participants. I can tell you I was quite worried then. As always, towards the end, there was a huge surge of entries with one photo being submitted every minute. If we continue to have ten times more entries than last year, my worries will be of a rather different kind: will we have enough server space? But that’s a luxury position to be in. If this continues I’ll be out of my mind with joy on July 7th!”

Pride Photo Award is een jaarlijkse internationale wedstrijd voor foto's over seksuele en gender diversiteit.


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