Going for gold

We are moving the planning for the contest forward by three months, from January-March to April-June 2011. That gives us extra time to raise funds, the better to achieve the high ambitions we have for Pride Photo Award.

We want to set a high standard, both for the quality of the photography we attract and for the side program. We want the prize money to reflect the value of a top quality photograph, and we have found jury members of high repute. Those ambitions all come with a price: the prize money itself, airline tickets for the jury and the winners, accommodation, high quality photographic prints, location, PR, production.

Several funds and sponsors have made substantial donations and pledges. While we could proceed with the funding we have so far, that would require us to lower our ambitions substantially. We have decided not to do that. We are going for gold.

Just before Christmas, on December the 23rd, Pride Photo Award was officially founded. Each of the founding partners has a place on the board, to show their commitment to Pride Photo Award. Each of them has confirmed the high standard we want to set.

With such a dedicated board, excellent jury members and a wonderful team, I have no doubt that we can achieve our ambitions. Watch out gold, here we come!

Pride Photo Award is een jaarlijkse internationale wedstrijd voor foto's over seksuele en gender diversiteit.


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