Winners 2016

Turkish photographer Akin Celiktas is the winner of the Pride Photo Award 2016 with a photo of the banned 2016 Istanbul Gay Pride. 
LGBT Pride Bans in Istanbul © Akin Celiktas
This photo shows a young woman in rainbow stockings standing in the street while the riot police march past. The Istanbul Gay Pride march, which had been planned for Sunday June 26, 2016, was banned because of ‘security concerns’. Protesters turned up despite the ban and spread out in small groups, being visible in this way rather than in a march. Police dispersed protesters using tear gas and rubber bullets.
The jury selected ths image out of more than 3.600 entries by 398 photographers of 70 different nationalities.

1. Insiders / Outsiders – 2016 theme category

First prize: ‘Polarity’ by Lana Yanovska, Ukraine
Second prize: ‘Mélanie & her family’ by Vincent Gouriou, France
Third prize: ‘Ekifire’ by Frederic Noy, France

2. Stories

First prize: ‘Samantha Flores, a woman of her own making’ by Benedicte Desrus, France
Second prize: ‘Beirut Sun Tanners’ by Vianney Le Caer, France
Third prize: ‘Section’ by Elena Anosova, Russia

3. Open

First prize: ‘Z’ by Rowan Renee, USA
Second prize: ‘You as me’ by Gian Cruz, Phillippines
Third prize: ‘Through the Lens of Desire’ by Kris Sanford, USA

4. Single Images

First Prize: ‘LGBT Pride Bans in Istanbul’ by Akin Celiktas, Turkey – WINNER OF THE PRIDE PHOTO AWARD 2016
Second Prize: ‘Dinner Time of the Family’ by Nobuhiro Shirai, Japan
Third Prize:’The Omega Experience’ by Benny Antoniw, Belgium

Special Mention

‘Reynas Delas Flores: Manila’s Golden Gays’ by Geloy Concepcion, Phillippines
‘Manhattan Sunday 05:14’ by Richard Renaldi, USA

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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