The categories for 2016

Pride Photo Award is a contest for photos about sexual (LGBT) and gender diversity. We are looking for top quality photography on the following topics:

  • non-stereotypical images of gender, masculinity and femininity
  • the diversity of the LGBT community

Photos that fit these topics can be entered in one of four categories. The four categories for the 2016 edition of Pride Photo Award are:


The 2016 theme is about communities. The groups of people you (want to) feel a part of, and the people you do or do not welcome in the communities you belong to. It is about joining, belonging, participating and ostracizing. It is about families, society, parishes, clubs, intimate circles.
The theme also reflects of the role of the photographer as an outsider or insider, and whether the photographer creates a world that invites the viewer in, or shows the viewer a world they are not a part of, making them feel like a voyeur. For more information, read the blog post about this year’s theme here.


This is a broad thematic category for photo series that tell a story about sexual and gender diversity. This includes but is not limited to documentary photo series. Stories entered in this category do not have to be related to the theme ‘Insiders / Outsiders’. If you feel your series could fit equally well in this category and in the theme category, we advise to enter it in the theme category.


This is a category strong photos that convey the message of sexual or gender diversity in a single image.
Single images entered in any of the three other categories will automatically be transferred to this category.


Photo series about sexual and gender diversity that do not fit in any of the above categories may be entered in this category.
Some photos or series will fit in more than one of the above categories. Any image can be entered in one category only.

Deze foto van Richard Sandell, een van de winnaars in 2014, illustreert het thema van 2016 'Insiders / Outsiders'.

This photo by Richard Sandell, one of the winners of 2013, is shown to illustrate the 2016 theme ‘Insiders / Outsiders’.

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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