Winners 2015

Italian photographer Marika Puicher is the winner of the Pride Photo Award 2015 with a photo from her series ‘Ella (she)’. 

Ella (she) © Marika Puicher
This photo shows a happy 11 year old transgender girl playing outside with her brother. The jury selected her image out of more than 3.600 entries by 396 photographers of 60 different nationalities.

1. Stories of Love and Pride – 2015 theme category

First prize: ‘Days of melancholy’ by Tatiana Vinogradova, Russia
Second prize: ‘Solo’ by Marika Puicher, Italia
Third prize: ‘Inner Face’ by Nafis Ahmed Gazi , Bangladesh

2. Gender

First prize: ‘Ella (she) ’ by Marika Puicher, Italia – WINNER OF THE PRIDE PHOTO AWARD 2015

Second prize: ‘Transpose’ by Jean-François Bouchard, Canada

Third prize: ‘Two is one’ by Melody Melamed, USA

3. Open

First prize: ‘Asylum’ by Eric Gyamfi, Ghanaian

Second prize: ‘Nod. East Of Eden’ by Jörg Meier, Germany

Third prize: ‘A Light Inside’ by Danielle Villasana, USA

4. Single Images

First Prize: ‘Muslim Pride ’ by Mariam Magsi, Pakistani

Second Prize: ‘Keeping Touch’ by José Virgilio , Puerto Rico

Third Prize:’Family time’ by Vincent Gouriou, France

Special Mention

‘Replace she with he’ by Suzanne Reitsma, Netherlands

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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