Winners 2014

British photographer Parisa Taghizadeh is the winner of the Pride Photo Award 2014 with a photo from her series ‘BOY’. 

BOY © Parisa Taghizadeh

1. Getting Closer – 2014 theme category

First prize: ‘Harsh Beautiful Portraits’ by James M. Barrett, UK
Second prize: ‘Call me Heena’ by Shahria Sharmin, Bangladesh
Third prize: ‘Transitory’ by Ashley Golsby, Australia

2. Gender

First prize: ‘BOY’ by Parisa Taghizadeh, UK – WINNER OF THE PRIDE PHOTO AWARD 2014

Second prize: ‘Wonderland’ by Álvaro Laiz, Spain

Third prize: ‘Transgender Youth’ by Farida De Pauw, Belgium

3. Documentary

First prize: ‘Hotel Waria’ by Giorgio Taraschi, Italy

Second prize: ‘Homophobia in Russia’ by Mads Nissen, Denmark

Third prize: ‘Out in the Hood Teddy Ebony’ by Preston Gannaway, United States

4. Open

First Prize: ‘Let them show their faces’ by Aldo Soligno, Italy

Second Prize: ‘Experimental Relationship’ by Yijun Liao, China

Third Prize: ‘Till death us do part’ by John Paul Evans, UK

Special Mention

‘God LOVES Gay’ by Jean-Jérôme Destouches, France

‘Colombia’s Next Drag Superstar’ by Viviana Peretti, Italy

‘Corrective Rape’ by Clare Carter, UK


Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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