Present your city with a new perspective

Sexual and gender diversity issues are becoming a higher priority for cities and municipalities everywhere. Finding new and creative ways to engage people in a conversation on this topic can be a challenge.
Based on the knowledge that an image says more than a thousand words, Pride Photo Award offers you the chance to showcase a selection of stunning images in your city, both indoors and outdoors, providing an outstanding platform to start conversations on diversity. In Amsterdam, the organization involves young people by having them interview passers-by about the outdoor photo panels and film their reactions. These films are then used in local debates in which teenagers are asked: ‘can you be yourself? And do you allow others to be themselves?’

Pride Photo Award offers you:

  • A high profile opportunity to challenge prejudices, raise awareness, and send out a strong signal to the public that LGBT’s are welcome in your city
  • Indoor or outdoor exhibitions made up of images from the current or previous editions. The collection can be customised to fit with a particular topic.
  • Advice about interaction with the general public around the photos
  • Advice about debates on the topics of sexual and gender diversity engendered by the photos

    In addition to our home city of Amsterdam we have worked with several other cities that hosted the exhibitions, including:

  • Hengelo (NL), exhibited alongside the images from the well known Zilveren Camera contest from 2012 on
  • Hirado (Japan), as part of the first exhibition about LGBT’s in a museum in Japan in September/August 2014
  • Rotterdam (NL), where an outdoor exhibition was curated to fit in with their very first Gay Pride event in September 2014
  • Utrecht (NL), where both indoor and outdoor exhibitions featured as part of Roze Zaterdag and the Midzomergracht Festival in 2013 and 2014, and teenagers made an interview film
    For further information on how Pride Photo Award can help your city raise awareness and provide the people with a new perspective on diversity, please contact us.

    Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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