Pride Photo Award 2014 Contest Rules

1. There is no entry fee.
2. Single images in all categories must have been taken in the period starting on 1st January 2012 and ending 13th July 2014.
3. Photo stories/series must have been completed or first published in the period starting on 1st January 2012 and ending 13th July 2014.
4. The number of unique photos entered as a series may not exceed a number of 10 photos. Dividing a series over more than one category in order to exceed the maximum of 10 photos for that series is not allowed.
5. The number of unique photos entered into the 2014 contest as a whole may not exceed a number of 30 photos.
6. Any unique photo may be entered in no more than one category.
7. Images not (yet) published may be submitted.
8. Images that have won a prize or a special mention in a previous edition of Pride Photo Award cannot be submitted again. Images that were entered in a previous edition but not selected by the jury may be entered again.
9. Entrants must register and submit their entries as digital images through the online registration form at the Pride Photo Award contest website.
Material specifications
10. Digital images must meet the following specifications:
• The longest side of a digital image must be at least 3,000 pixels.
• Each image must be saved as a separate JPEG with the highest quality setting.
• The image resolution must be set to 72 DPI or higher.
• An embedded ICC profile is required. Using a color profile defines the relationship of the colors in your image to the International Color Space Standard of the IEC. This reference allows others to maintain the correct colors when viewing or printing your images. Recommended profiles for color images are AdobeRGB or sRGB. Gamma 2.2 is recommended for black and white images. Do not use CMYK.
• The maximum file size for each separate image entered is 8 Megabytes.
Submission of entries
11. The closing date for submitting entries to the 2014 contest is Sunday the 13th of July 2014, 23.59 Central European Time.
The contest
12. Pride Photo Award reserves the right to refuse entries that do not fit the topic of sexual (LGBT) or gender diversity, or are not of sufficient quality to compete with entries by professional photographers.
13.The judges’ decision is final and no discussion or correspondence can be entered into on their decision. Pride Photo Award reserves the right to vary the awards or not to grant any award.
14. Reasonable efforts will be made to notify all photographers as to whether their photograph has been selected as a winner or special commendation. It is the photographers’ responsibility to contact Pride Photo Award if he or she has not received notification.
The exhibitions
15. Pride Photo Award makes one print of each photo selected for the central exhibition. It retains ownership of these prints. Pride Photo Award may give the prints made for the central exhibition into the care of its parent organization, IHLIA (Internationaal Homo/Lesbisch Informatiecentrum en Archief). It may pass ownership of these prints on to IHLIA.
16. Pride Photo Award may make additional prints of the selected photos to use in a travelling exhibition. It may loan these prints to third parties for exhibiting the selected photographs during a period ending 18 months after the announcement of the jury selection for the 2014 edition. After this period the extra prints that were made for the travelling exhibition will be destroyed.
17. The prints made for the central exhibition or the travelling exhibition will count as artist’s proofs that will not be included in the count of a limited edition.
18. Neither Pride Photo Award nor IHLIA may sell any prints to a third party without written consent by the photographer or the photographer’s heirs.
1. I am the author of the photographic material submitted for the contest.
2. I am the only copyright holder or I have been authorized by the copyright holder to submit the material.
3. If one of my photos is selected as winner of the Pride Photo Award 2014 (the main prize), I grant Pride Photo Award permission for its unlimited use for activities under the auspices of Pride Photo Award, without any remuneration being due.
4. I grant Pride Photo Award permission to use prize-winning material in the contest, the exhibitions, the catalogue, the website and for the promotion of Pride Photo Award activities for the 2014 edition, without any remuneration being due. This permission is limited to an 18-month period from the announcement of the 2014 awards and is applicable only if the material is selected by the jury.
5. I grant Pride Photo Award and its parent organization IHLIA (Internationaal Homo/Lesbisch Informatiecentrum en Archief) permission to use material submitted in the contest and selected by the jury indefinitely and without any remuneration being due, in its online archive showcasing the results of previous contests and in printed photo books spanning multiple editions.
6. I guarantee that to the best of my knowledge no third party can claim rights or raise objections to publication/reproduction/distribution of the material submitted.
7. I guarantee that model release forms (where appropriate) have been obtained from persons featured in the submitted images for all sales, marketing, educational and publicity uses and that no additional releases are required in respect of names, trademarks, designs or works of art depicted in the work.

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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