Winners 2013

Philippine photographer Cindy Aquino is the winner of the Pride Photo Award 2013 with a photo from her series ‘Bond’. 
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1. Extremely Normal – 2013 theme category

First prize: ‘Apt. 779’ by Irina Popova, Russia
Second prize: from the series ‘Bond’ by Cindy Aquino, Philippines  
Third prize: ‘Gay Warriors’ by Tatjana Plitt , Australia

2. Gender

First prize: ‘The other side of Venus’ by Anna Charlotte Schmid, Germany

Second prize: from the series ‘Typical Day’ by Alexia Zuñiga , Mexico

Third prize: ‘Gendernormality’ by Chloe Meynier , United States

3. Documentary

First prize: ‘The Pink Choice’ by Hai Thanh Nguyen (Maika Elan) , Vietnam

Second prize: ‘Leaving one’s tribe’ by Anna Wahlgren , Sweden

Third prize: ‘The Gay Famillies Project’ by Stefan Jora , United States

4. Open

First Prize: ‘Princesses in a land of machos’ by Nicola Ókin Frioli , Mexico

Second Prize: ‘We are Here, we are gay and we are Ugandans’ by Tadej Znidarcic , Slovenia

Third Prize: ‘Andrew and Irene’ from the series ‘At home with …’ by Richard Sandell, United Kingdom

Special Mention

‘Next time hit harder, I’m still Gay’ by Téo Jaffre, France

‘Pure’ by Joelle de Vries , the Netherlands

‘At this moment, I want to be’ by Yuan Yuan, China

‘Daddy Cool’ by Martijn Gijsbertsen, the Netherlands


Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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