Media debate 2012

On October 22th a special edition of the bimonthly photography program De Donkere Kamer was devoted to Pride Photo Award 2012.
During the evening three photographers pitched photo projects about sexual and gender diversity. The first pitch was by Jorina Kilsdonk, whose project XXXY subtly portrays androgyny, the confluence of man and woman.
Next visual essayist Iztock Klancar proposed a study of gay male sexuality: “I want to make honest video portraits of several gay men that the world can learn something from.”
Last was Eric Brinkhorst who would depict the daily life of 29 year-old hermaphrodite Maya, who lived as a man for 21 years.
Marga Rotteveel, curator of the PPA 2012 exhibition explained why she sometimes selected different photos from the winning series than those originally submitted. For Trans Islam she chose to show one photo as a print and the entire series as a slide show.
In a double interview 2011 and 2012 winners Trea van Drunen and Chris Rijksen talked about their winning photographs, and their current projects.

After the break during which visitors voted for the three pitches, a clip from the documentary Gay-K 2012 was shown. Documentary makers Nicholas Veul and Tim den Besten comment on their sprightly documentary that explored homophobia in Ukraine, host of the European Championship in 2012.
Stan van Engelen (VPRO television), Anya van Lit (Trouw newspaper), Anna Timmerman (Human Rights Watch Netherlands) and Leon Willems (Free Press Unlimited) discussed how photographers and media deal with the violation of LGBT rights abroad. “An image is of course very strong, it gives weight to people, shows what it’s about.” But also: “Sometimes media messages are counterproductive, because society is not ready for them. You have to understand how it affects the locals. ”
PPA winners Álvairo Laiz, Fabian Weiss, Bradley Secker and 2011 jury member Stephen Mayes contributed by Skype. Mayes: “Promoting awareness is not enough. To have political impact it’s really important to get people on your side using the imagery and the messages you create. ”
At the end of the evening the winning pitch was announced: Eric Brinkhorst for his project with Maya.
Livestream of the Pride Photo Award 2012 special edition of De Donkere Kamer by Pakhuis De Zwijger (mostly in Dutch)


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