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As a Miniature Collector or Art Supporter for the photo book Pride Uncovered you can select one of these photos for your custom miniature photo panel or your photo print. The photos are organized by edition.


Philippine photographer Cindy Aquino is the winner of the Pride Photo Award 2013 with a photo from her series ‘Bond’.

First prize: ‘Apt. 779’ by Irina Popova, Russia
Second prize: from the series ‘Bond’ by Cindy Aquino, Philippines  

2. Gender

First prize: ‘The other side of Venus’ by Anna Charlotte Schmid, Germany

Second prize: from the series ‘Typical Day’ by Alexia Zuñiga , Mexico

Third prize: ‘Gendernormality’ by Chloe Meynier , United States

3. Documentary

Second prize: ‘Leaving one’s tribe’ by Anna Wahlgren , Sweden

Third prize: ‘The Gay Famillies Project’ by Stefan Jora , United States

4. Open

First Prize: ‘Princesses in a land of machos’ by Nicola Ókin Frioli , Mexico

Second Prize: ‘We are Here, we are gay and we are Ugandans’ by Tadej Znidarcic , Slovenia

Third Prize: ‘Andrew and Irene’ from the series ‘At home with …’ by Richard Sandell, United Kingdom

Special Mention

‘Next time hit harder, I’m still Gay’ by Téo Jaffre, France

‘Pure’ by Joelle de Vries , the Netherlands

‘At this moment, I want to be’ by Yuan Yuan, China

‘Daddy Cool’ by Martijn Gijsbertsen, the Netherlands



The winners of the 2012 edition were announced on the 19th of July 2012. The international jury selected 12 winners including the winner of the Pride Photo Award 2012: the photo Gender as a Performance by Chris Rijken


A special mention was given to three series: 1) “Hiv, long term survivors” by photographer Jose Manuel Alorda, 2) “Loser” by photographer Anna-Stina Treumund and 3) “I am gay and muslim” by photographer Bram Belloni.


The jury awarded a first, second and third prize in four categories:


1. Chameleons/Double Life – 2012 theme category


Second prize: Gender as a Performance; Chris Rijksen, The Netherlands WINNER OF THE PRIDE PHOTO AWARD 2012

Third Prize: Alternative Avenue; Guang Hui Chan, Singapore



3. Documentary:


First prize: Lala Life, Fabian Weiss, Germany

Second prize: Morine, Tobin Bryce Jones, United Kingdom

Third prize: Trans Islam, Luca Desienna, Italy


4. Open Category:


First prize: Where the boys are; Pacifico Silano, United States

Third prize: Moms and gays, Diederick Habermehl, The Netherlands


Special mention


1. HIV long term survivors; Jose Manuel Alorda, Spain

2. Loser 2011; Anna-stina Treumund, Estonia


The winners of the 2011 edition were announced on the 13th of July 2011. The international jury selected 18 winners including the winner of the Pride Photo Award 2011: the photo ‘Leon’ by Trea van Drunen


A Special mention was given to the series Underage by photographer Ohm Phanpiroj.


The jury awarded a first, second and third prize in six categories:


Straight Back At You (the 2011 thematic category):

Second prize: Same Time Same Place; Martijn Gijsbertsen, The Netherlands


Current Topics:

First prize: Iraq’s Gay Refugees; Bradley Secker, UK

Second prize: Transmen of the world; Manuel R. Garcia, Germany

Third prize: Italian First Rainbow Families; Gughi Fassino, Italy



Third prize: LadyBoys, Born to be a Woman; Jean-Michel Clajot, Belgium



Second prize: LGBT Mexicans of the XXIst Century; Rogelio Pereda, Mexico

Third prize: Queer Kids; Michael Sharkey, USA



First prize: A True Story; Hinda Schuman, USA

Second prize: Good Old Gays; Paul Koeleman, The Netherlands

Third prize: I ♥ Brooklyn Girls; Erica Beckman, USA



Second prize: Inside2Outside; Raoul Vernède, The Netherlands


In 2010 the exhibition featured photos that were seelcted by a curator instead of a jury. Photos are available from the following photographers:

Albert Dijkman (1 photo)
Erwin Venema (no preview available)
Jan van Breda (4 photos)
Kael T. Block (XX Boys, no preview available)
Marian Bakker (2 photos)
Merel Zwart (2 photos)
Morad Bouchakour (1 photo)
Paul Koeleman (8 photos)
Tania Theodorou (1 photo)
Tara Fallaux (1 photo)
Diana Blok (series See Through Us, no preview available)

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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