Staff and Board

The Pride Photo Award team consists of:


The Pride Photo Award foundation board members are:

  • Gijs Stork, art historian, freelance curator and producer
  • Marjolijn Bronkhuyzen, Sectormanager Marketing and Events at Eye
  • Marelva van Erp, treasurer
  • Roeland Bosch, independent organization consultant
  • Zindzi Zwietering, photographer

The board members are volunteers, they do not receive payment for their work.

Endorsing committee

We are very grateful to the members of the endorsing committee for publicly showing their support of Pride Photo Award:

  • Ahmed Marcouch, mayor of Arnhem
  • Boris Dittrich, senator for D’66
  • Erwin Olaf, photographer
  • Hans van Manen, choreographer and photographer
  • Dr. Judith Schuyf, historian, founder of Gay Studies at the University of Utrecht
  • Justus Eisfeld, co-director Global Advocates for Trans Equality (GATE)
  • Hans Kemna, photo collector and founder of Kemna Casting
  • Morad Bouchakour, photographer
  • Prof. Dr. Rob Tielman, founder of Gay Studies at the University of Utrecht
  • Sacha de Boer, photographer, journalist
  • Prof. Dr. Saskia Wieringa, former director of Aletta, institute for women’s history
  • Victor Mukasa, Ugandan LGBT activist
Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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