Pride Photo Award is back in Japan!

Right at the start of Tokyo’s Rainbow Week, our new exhibition in Tokyo opened yesterday. We are proud and excited to be back in Japan with a stunning selection of photos from the 2011-2014 editions of Pride Photo Award.
The curator of this exhibition is Mr. Okayama, director of the Dutch Trading Post in Hirado, where he also organized our very successful first exhibition in Japan last fall. Both exhibitions were organized in close collaboration with the Dutch embassy in Japan.
This time the photos are on display in a building with the lovely name ‘Colorful Station’, which belongs to the organization Good Aging Yells (GAY). ‘Colorful Station’ lies in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district, which recently made headlines around the world by becoming the first Japanese municipality to recognize same-sex partnerships.
The Tokyo Rainbow Week coincides with the Golden Week spring holidays, traditionally one of the few times many Japanese people take time off from work. We hope that many of the inhabitants and visitors of Tokyo will come and celebrate diversity with us. The Pride Photo Award exhibition is on view until May 8th, 2015 and will provide visitors with a moment of quiet reflection in between all festivities during the Rainbow Week.
We feel honored to be back in Japan and hope to show the photos in many more countries and places in the near future!

Photos © Aki Takematsu
Location and opening hours:
Museum of Colorful Art, Irodori (Colorful Station)
2-14-17 Jingumae, Shibuya
Open daily from 12-23h until May 8th
The exhibition features work by:

  • Alvaro Laiz (2012)
  • Anna Charlotte Schmid (2013)
  • Anna Wahlgren (2013)
  • Benedicte Desrus (2011)
  • Bram Belloni (2012)
  • Chris Rijksen (2012)
  • Erica Beckman (2011)
  • Jean-Michel Clajot (2011)
  • Lorenzo Triburgo (2012)
  • Luca Desienna (2012)
  • Maika Elan(2013)
  • Nicola Okin Frioli (2013)
  • Parisa Taghizadeh (2014)
  • Paul Koeleman (2011)
  • Richard Sandell (2013)
  • Risk Hazekamp (2012)
  • Stefan Jora (2013)
  • Tatjana Plitt (2013)
  • Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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