The theme for the 2015 edition is: Stories of Love and Pride

Stories of Love and Pride is the theme for Pride Photo Award 2015, the fifth edition of the international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


The idea for the theme stems from several comments the 2014 jury made during their evaluation of the contest and entries. One of their recommendations was to broaden the permanent category Documentary Photography to Stories. Many of the winning series of 2014 told stories of suffering and of people who live in difficult circumstances: Russia, Uganda, South Africa, Indonesia, Bangladesh. There were very few stories about love and intimacy. Furthermore, the jury remarked that many participants take the word ‘pride’ in our name quite literally and submit photos of Pride Parades. They suggested that we explain on the contest page what we mean by ‘Pride’: to be proud of who you are, to be yourself without having to adapt to what other people or society expect you to be. A ‘real’ man, for example.


Our curator, Marga Rotteveel, combined these three elements to the theme Stories of Love and Pride. It is a broad framework, which fits well with an anniversary edition. It also offers photographers plenty of room for their own interpretations.


Finally, the theme can be used well in communicating both the contest – Tell us your Stories of Love and Pride – and the exhibitions: We’re telling you Stories of Love and Pride.


Since the theme and the category Documentary/Stories overlap, we decided to merge them for the 2015 edition. That creates room for a new category: Singles. This was another recommendation of the 2014 jury, as single images and series are hard to compare. Having a separate category for single images also increases the challenge for photographers to make or select strong photos that convey the message of sexual or gender diversity in a single image.


Especially for the open air exhibitions we need strong, evocative images. We expect that the addition of the Singles category will increase the chances of getting entries that fit the bill.


Besides the theme category Stories of Love and Pride and the new category Singles , the 2015 contest features two permanent categories: Gender and the Open Category. The jury may also grant Special Mentions to series that form an important addition to the winning selection because of their quality, creativity or subject matter.


This photo from the series Persecution of Homosexuality in Uganda © Benedicte Desrus, one of the winners of 2011 is shown to illustrate the 2015 theme ‘Stories of Love and Pride’.

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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