28.000 visitors; ‘Harsh Beautiful’ wins Audience Award

This year 28,382 people visited the Old Church during the exhibition of Pride Photo Award 2014. A huge increase compared to last year, when the number of visitors just topped 20.000.
We are thrilled with the enormous increase of the number of visitors. For a contest that started just four years ago, we’ve grown immensely. It’s wonderful to see the growing interest, both here for the exhibition and internationally for the contest.
The series that won the Audience Award, Harsh Beautiful by British artist James M. Barrett, explores notions of sexuality, vulnerability, desirability, ageing and physical imperfection. The portraits present the subjects as survivors, who bear the scars of experience etched into the skin for all to see. Each portrait is heavily worked in post-production to accentuate and celebrate the marks of ageing – a stark contrast with a youth-obsessed, airbrushed, celebrity culture that promotes unattainable beauty standards.
The series also won the first prize in the 2014 theme category ‘Getting Closer’ and the Friends Award.

Farida de Pauw’s portrait series Transgender Youth took second place, with 2014 Award-winner Boy by Parisa Taghizadeh coming in third place and Wonderland by Álvaro Laiz in fourth. These three series were the winners of this year’s Gender category. All four are series about being yourself, being accepted for who you are, regardless of the norms society places on all of us. There is a strong message in the fact that series about gender and gender norms are so highly valued by the audience this year.

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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