Pride Photo Award at Breakin’Walls Festival

From Thursday April 3rd until April 6th a selection of images from Pride Photo Award focusing on the relationship between youth, gender and sexuality is shown at the 2014 edition of Breakin’ Walls. This youth theater and art festival takes place every year since 2009 at Frascati Theater in Amsterdam. The controversial Sochi Olympic Games and the recent Russian law against ‘gay propaganda’ inspired the youth committee that decides the annual theme of the festival to dedicate this year’s program to gender and genderbending, blurring the line between male and female. Thence the subtitle Fe/Male. With its rich four day program featuring theater, dance, music, debates, art installations and exhibitions, Breakin’ Walls has become a benchmark for Amsterdam’s theater- and art-loving youth.
Frascati 3bis
Pride Photo Award is proud to participate in this important initiative. As Kiki Rosingh, Breakin’ Walls artistic coordinator, said: “We are honored to host images from Pride Photo Award. We want this festival to raise awareness on gender and sexuality in young people, to break the walls and generate interest and understanding for those who are ‘different’. We also want to show that ‘different’ is rather normal.”
The images selected for this event play with what is different and normal, with clear-cut identities and queer ones, with gender norms. The featured images from Pure by Joelle de Vries, the 2012 winning series Gender as Performance by Chris Rijksen and Switch by JJ Levine all talk about the social meaning of gender and the pressure society applies on kids and youths to conform to specific gender roles and norms. Queer Kids by Michael Sharkey, a series originally conceived as a documentary series on LGBT youths in the United States that is now travelling worldwide, celebrates the creativity of youths with regards to sexuality and gender. Displayed in the entrance gallery to the main room at Frascati Theater, “these photo series will be seen by all (young) festivalgoers and bring positive images of (homo) sexuality and gender worldwide within our theatre in Amsterdam,” said Kiki Rosingh.

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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