Let’s meet up with… Marga Rotteveel

Marga Rotteveel, the curator of Pride Photo Award, has selected the exhibition photos since the 2012 edition. Her next assignment will be to curate the photographs for our photo book Pride Uncovered. Here is a short interview with Marga. As you know, we are crowdfunding to gather the necessary funds to publish this unique photo book.
We would like to thank everyone who has contributed so far and with just over two weeks to raise the full amount we hope that you will continue to help us spread the news about the campaign!

Marga Rotteveel © Rahi Rezavani, April 2011

Marga Rotteveel © Rahi Rezavani, April 2011

You are the curator of the photo project. Can you explain what your role is, and how it relates to the competition and the jury process? 
As curator, every year I propose the selection of photos that will make up the exhibition of Pride Photo Award. The jury decides which series are awarded a prize within the four categories, and then chooses a single winning photo that receives the main prize, the actual Pride Photo Award. Based on that jury selection, I compose the exhibition. I have the freedom to edit the winning series somewhat differently from the original entry. I sometimes do that because the exhibition will be better, but mainly because photographers are often not the best editors of their own work.
What is your background in photography? 
I trained as a photographer at St. Joost Academy in Breda, but I quickly focused on the curator side of photography. I worked quite a few years for Naarden Photo Festival and for several years as an independent curator. It became clear to me after my studies that I was more interested in that side of photography rather than clicking the button myself.
As curator of Pride Photo Award you are responsible for selecting the photos that will be exhibited and the pictures that will appear in the book. What do you look for in a photograph ( in general)? 
When I look at a picture, I want it to tell me a story. Preferably a story that either opens my eyes or makes me look, and perhaps think, in a different way about that particular subject. A combination of those three elements is the ultimate! A photo can do this in many different ways, for example by showing the harsh reality or by cloaking it so that I need to work at discovering the message. My fascination and enthusiasm about the possibilities to tell a story through photography makes me one of its biggest fans.

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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