The results of the survey are in!

Our communications intern, Melissa Boer, conducted a survey among the contestants to discover what improvements they would like to see made to the contest and to our communications. To all of you who replied: many thanks for your feedback.
First of all you would like to see the contest-related webpages translated in more languages than English and Dutch. This was the first year that we translated our Call for Entries to Spanish, French and German. Our Chinese partner Queer Comrades also offered a Chinese translation on their website. People who received the Spanish Call for Entries expected it to link to information in Spanish, not just English. We intend to have translations of all the contest related pages next year for every language in which we present the Call for Entries.
Secondly, many of you had trouble finding the link for the contest registration page. This link was indeed hard to find. Easy to improve, so we promise we will display this link more prominently next year.
Also, many participants were unsure if their photos had been uploaded correctly or not, and asked us to send them a confirmation e-mail. If we do that with the current software it will send an e-mail for every file uploaded. That might not be very popular either, so we’ll see if we can find a better way.
Friends and Facebook were they means by which most of you found out about the contest. We’d like to thank everyone that helped to spread the Call for Entries, either by publishing it on Facebook, informing your friends about the contest or by retweeting our tweets. The massive increase of participants wouldn’t have been possible without your help!

Finally, we were thrilled to read that almost all of you were content with the way we communicated with you. Our staff worked really hard to help you as fast as possible. They were very happy to hear that you appreciate their hard work.  : )

Melissa (c) Réka Szentirmay

Melissa (c) Réka Szentirmay

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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