See You in Hengelo!

We have great news for you exhibition chasers out there. If you missed last year’s Pride Photo Award exhibition or if you want to see it again, all you need to do is go to Hengelo. We are happy to announce that a selection of the 2012 winning photos will be displayed at the Town Hall (Burgemeester Jansenplein 1) alongside the winning photos of the ‘Zilveren Camera’, one of the major press photography contests in The Netherlands. The photos will be on display from April 8th till April 19th.


The organization Mixed Lions and photographer Eric Brinkhorst (@ericbrinkhorst) are behind the exhibition. You may know Eric from the Pride Photo Award Special Edition of De Donkere Kamer in September last year. During the program, the audience voted its favourite project out of three ideas pitched by different photographers. Eric Brinkhorst won with his pitch for a photo series about Maya Posch.


So who is Maya and what’s so special about her? Maya is intersexual: she was born with both female and male sexual characteristics. Her intersexuality made her life, as she puts it, ‘’somewhat of a living hell’’.

She made the decision to live as a woman when she was 22. This decision triggered a lot of negative reactions from the medical community and an all consuming struggle for acceptance and understanding by those around her.


Brinkhorst met Maya during a photo shoot for the NRC ( Dutch newspaper) and he felt an instant connection with her. He was inspired to tell her story of becoming a woman and the first woman in The Netherlands whose gender was changed in her ID Card without having to go through surgery. Children like Maya are born almost every day. Medics and parents choose whether the child should have male or female genitalia, which are then  (re)constructed surgically. ‘’But how can they know if their children will identify as that gender?”, Brinkhorst wonders.

Eric’s currently still working on the series, we’ll keep you posted!


(c) Eric Brinkhorst

(c) Eric Brinkhorst

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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