Communication style

A new website and a new tone of voice. You may have noticed that our recent messages have been less formal, more playful. There’s a reason. We want to focus more on a younger audience: twenty-somethings who consider themselves open-minded. We want to encourage them to attend the exhibition and the Speak Up! youth events – to test how open their minds really are. To reach them we’ll use social media primarily: Facebook, Twitter and our blog.
The rejuvenated blog plays an important role in our new approach. You can expect one blogpost a week about various topics, ranging from interviews with winners and news about the competition to a look behind the scenes: how do you organize a photo contest?
We also want to step up our interaction with you, our Facebook fans  and Tweeps. We want to involve you more and we have some ideas in mind that we want to ask your opinion of. So stick around!

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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