New website, new blog

A new look for the website and more power to the blog! We have worked hard for the last couple of days and hope that you like the new website just as much as we do. Want to share your thoughts? Post a comment on our Facebook page or tweet us!
You probably noticed that a lot has changed. Most importantly: we’ve given the winning photos a more prominent role on the site. For example, our front page has a slider featuring several winning pictures. Click on one of the photos and you’ll be directed to a key page, such as the contest page, the virtual exhibition of 2011 or 2012 and so on.
The site also has gone bilingual, which is great news for the Dutchies. We’d like to add more languages in the future, so if you’re fluent in one or more foreign languages and would like to help us out, please volunteer!
Volunteers have put a lot of work into the new website. One of them was Remy, who adapted the template. He commented: “I was happy to contribute to a great initiative that puts LGBT rights in the public eye. Plus, I really had fun working with the Pride Photo Award team”.
From the team: a big shout out to all our volunteers. The new website and the organization wouldn’t be here without you. For that we are eternally grateful.
Our next blog post will focus on the new role of our blog and the change of tone in the way we communicate. Want to know what we are up to? Stay tuned!

Remy Gorrissen (c) Réka Szentirmay 2013  IMG_9111

Remy Gorrissen (c) Réka Szentirmay 2013

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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