Theme for 2013: Normality as an extreme

© Benedicte Desrus / SIPA Press

Pride Photo Award announces its 4th edition

2013 theme: Extremely Normal

Ladies and gentlemen the blog is back. We’re kicking off our 2013 edition with a bang: this year’s theme.

In April Pride Photo Award is opening its doors to photographers from around the world to participate in the 2013 contest. The competition features three permanent categories – Documentary, Gender, Open – and the annual theme category, which this year is “Extremely Normal”.

“Extremely Normal” is the antithesis to the media cliché that represents the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community with extravagant photos of drag queens or half-naked men in Pride Parades. LGBT people are just as conventional, special or boring as the rest of us. The challenge this year is to make extraordinary photos of ordinary people.

This year, Pride Photo Award will honor those photographers who capture the discrete charm of normality. The theme was chosen by renowned Dutch photo curator Marga Rotteveel. “Your neighbor, classmate or colleague may be ‘different’, yet downright normal. They lease cars, buy houses or do grocery shopping; all very normal things. While discrimination is on the rise, photography still focuses on extreme forms of gender and sexual diversity”, explains Rotteveel.

The registration of participants and submission of the contest photos will take place on this website, during April and May 2013. A jury of internationally renowned photography experts will judge the entries and select the winners, who will be announced in June.

We have a brilliant, top notch jury this year. So stick around, we’ll announce them next week.

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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