We’re called gay for a reason

Many of the recent photo series we’ve found and featured on our Facebook page focus on the gay and transgender struggle with how society perceives and treats them. The transgender population of Istanbul, often forced into prostitution as their only means of survival; the castaways of Cambodia in the slums of Phnom Penh.

That’s a side of reality for the LGBT community that deserves to be documented and shared.

Pride Photo Award is about diversity. It’s essential to show the lighter sides of LGBT life as well. The love, the creativity, the playfulness, the humanity, the fun. We’re called gay for a reason. It’s not all bleak and depressed. It really does get better.

Still, I’m having a tough time finding series that explore the lighter side. A few recent examples were The Bedroom Diaries by Sabrina van den Heuvel – both fun and sensual – and Proud Family by Boris Modylesvsky, portraying the daily life of same-sex parents.

Does anyone know of any series showing positive aspects of sexual and gender diversity? Or simply the beauty of LGBT diversity itself? If so, please write a comment to this post with a link to the series.

The same goes for series showing lesbians or bisexuals. I’ve been searching but they remain underrepresented.

Sabrina van den Heuvel - from 'Bedroom Diaries'

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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