The place to be

We’re currently weighing the pros and cons of several locations to house the 2011 exhibitions. There are many factors to take into account: the size and layout, as well as the feel of the place; accessibility and parking; cost and availability.

Even if we had our pick of places, it wouldn’t be easy. Sure, the Berlage Stock Exchange is as central as it gets. But I’d also love to have the exhibition at Foam, the Amsterdam photography museum. For many photographers the opportunity to exhibit in a prestigious museum would be an extra incentive to participate. Plus, it would probably boost the number of visitors the exhibition attracts.

However, neither of these locations are currently an option. Some of the venues we’ve considered are too expensive; others are already fully booked during the summer of 2011. Several churches that house exhibitions consider the topic too controversial.

We are currently focusing on three locations:

Our first photo exhibition, the Jewel Edition, took place in Het Sieraad in Amsterdam West. A monument of Amsterdam School architecture, it has style and a great atmosphere. The atrium, with its glass roof supported by slender wooden beams, is overwhelming. It’s easy to reach via public transport, bike or even by boat. Café Edel provides visitors a place to relax in full view of the great riverboats that navigate the Kostverlorenvaart.

Het Sieraad from the air


Atrium during opening of the Jewel Edition, 2010


The second place we’re looking at is Loods 6, in the east of Amsterdam. Built by the Royal Dutch Steamboat Company, it’s also on the waterfront. The 100 meter long Luggage Hall on the ground floor functions as its exhibition space. It has a very industrial feel to it: a ten-meter wide corridor of concrete with a colonnade of pillars on either side.

Loods 6 exterior

Loods 6 interior of Bagagehal


The last option is the Oude Kerk, or Old Church. Part of the historic city center, it marks the site of the oldest parish church of Amsterdam. After many alterations, its current form dates back to the 16th century. Tombstones line the floors and a massive organ dominates the western side. The largest, oldest and most central of the locations, it is also the most expensive.

Oude Kerk or Old Church - exterior

Oude Kerk or Old Church interior

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