It’s all about people

This website is the second public appearance of Pride Photo Award. A way of showing what we’re all about and how we plan to achieve it.

Our public debut was the exhibition Pride Photo Award: the Jewel Edition. It opened last February in Het Sieraad in Amsterdam. For those of you who speak Dutch, this short video by Menne Vellinga is a great way to see what we’re trying to do. That is: replace the taboos that surround sexual and gender diversity with pride. And, at the same time, show the world the best images that illustrate this diversity.

This blog will focus on how we go about it. Pride Photo Award is an annual, international contest for photographs that show sexual and gender diversity. Through the blog we’d like to share the process of developing the concept and then making it real, including fundamental choices as well as solving problems. After all, we’re not the only ones passionate about this topic.

This is a means of connecting everyone with an interest in photography about sexual and gender diversity. The blog is also a platform for them to interact with each other and to contribute ideas to help make Pride Photo Award a success.
That success is all about people: getting the best photographers to participate in the contest; forming an international jury of experts on photo journalism, documentary and art photography; and making sure those photos get the exposure they deserve to show people the beauty of diversity.

And it’s about you. You can contribute ideas by replying to this blog or simply by showing your support. Subscribe to our newsletter and let your friends know about Pride Photo Award.
You can follow us on Twitter to get news and blog entry updates. Follow the website for updates on the contest. It’s a temporary website, a fully graphic website will be made later in 2010.

Join the interactive Pride Photo Award community. We’d like to hear from you!

Pride Photo Award is an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.


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